Foxtrot Findings, Business as Usual

Running a local blog can be fun and exciting—attending events, meeting people, trying new things, what’s not to love? Foxtrot Findings, as all my readers know, is a blog run by me, Billy Foxtrot, based out of Lakewood Colorado, designed to bring attention to all the local happenings in Denver and its surrounding suburbs. Despite keeping up with current events in and around his community, I like to indulge my old soul by driving a 1991 model GMC Syclone.

Naturally, driving such an old truck can present some difficulties, especially when faced with the sometimes harsh weather conditions that affect the state of Colorado, but I enjoy the hand-me-down vehicle for sentimental reasons.

On my way to cover a winter festival recently, my faithful truck stalled on the shoulder of I-25 in the middle of a pretty significant snowstorm. By using the location services on my phone to find the nearest towing services, I was led to:

Lakewood Towing Services boasts of its dependability and speedy response times, and they follow through with their advertised promises. Available 24/7, the company offers battery jumpstart, auto lock out, tire changing, gas delivery, towing, and both non-emergency and long-distance transport.

Along with their well-rounded list of services, the company hires licensed, bonded and insured employees who undergo extensive background checks, and utilizes high-quality well-maintained equipment to make sure each job is done affectively, respectfully and safely.

I was relieved that Lakewood Towing Services dispatched a truck immediately which arrived on the scene in a matter of minutes. Considering the blustery conditions of a Colorado winter, I was happy to have things moving along as quickly as possible.

My beloved GMC Syclone was loaded onto a pristine flatbed by efficient and understanding staff, and whisked back to my home where I could work on the vehicle at my leisure. Even better, I was transported to the event for which I had braved the less than ideal conditions, where I was able to network and photograph to my blogger heart’s content, still able to do my job thanks to the stellar aid of Lakewood Towing Services.

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